People prefer to view someone’s post and are curious about what they are up to, even if they do not know or talk to them.

How can you know if someone is following you on Instagram? Is it possible to tell if you glance at their Instagram? Let us make you see the truth.

Unfortunately, you have few options for determining who is tracking your Instagram account. Instagram Stories is the single option, and it displays a list of all the people who have viewed that story.

Instagram Stories Can Assist You in Identifying Instagram Stalkers

Instagram stories function in the same way as Snapchat stories do. If you create a story, that particular story will be viewable for the next 24 hours and will then get automatically removed.

To view another person’s story, you must first pick his profile, and then you can watch stories from there. Others may do the same when they watch your story. Instagram, like Snapchat, shows you a list of who has viewed your stories.

You can get the viewer’s list by swiping up from your story. Each viewer’s username will be listed on that list. However, some assume that the viewer’s list arranges the names of the viewers based on how frequently they visit your stories.

It signifies that the individual at the top of the list has seen most of your articles. As previously said, they are merely user-generated theories, with no official confirmation from Instagram.

Apps to See Who Is Following You On Instagram

There is no other way to satisfy your interest other than the viewer’s list of your Instagram stories. Snapchat, on the other hand, offers information about who is doing what, which Instagram does not.

What will you do if someone comments on your post or reaches out to you in any other way? There is something wrong with you.

Or do you do the same?

If you are more careful and concerned about your privacy, there are various apps to monitor who stalks Instagram that may assist you to some extent but do not anticipate too much.

These apps will allow you to see who saw your post and did not engage with it, and a list of people who saw your account through that post.

How to Avoid Instagram Stalking

To be honest, you can’t get much information about who the stalkers are. They are not violating any laws by stalking your Instagram account unless you are receiving threats or other mishaps from them.

Create a Private Account

You can improve the security of your account by modifying a couple of your privacy settings.

  1. On the Instagram app, tap the three-line menu symbol.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select the Privacy option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Set the Account privacy to Private Account

Only the people who have followed you can view your profile. You’ll receive a message to confirm when any user is trying to follow your account. There is a choice between accepting and rejecting their offer. This privacy setting will only make your account visible to your followers and no one else can view or scan your profile.

Disable Your Activity Status

Privacy options include the ability to change the status of your activity.

  1. Take a look at the Activity Status.
  2. Deactivate Display Activity Status

It will not allow anyone to view your Instagram actions, and consequently, you will not be able to watch the activities of other users.

Remove Instagram Followers

If you are aware of your stalker, you may unfollow them. Accounts You Follow is a feature that may be very useful to you.

Look for Accounts You Follow in the Privacy settings.

  1. Select the Accounts You Follow option.
  2. Navigate to the XXX Followers section (where XXX is the number of followers)
  3. Scroll down to locate a stalker on Instagram.
  4. Click the Remove button, choose and confirm the Remove option, and you’ll get done.

If you have willingly chosen to make your account private, that user may not be able to see your profile. In any case, they can only see your likes and comments on other users’ posts, but they may not be able to view your profile.

A private account protects you with a few safeguards. The longer you wait to change your privacy setting, the more likely it is that any user will grow tired of trying to keep tabs on your online activities and move on.

Last Thoughts

Instagram is a fantastic social networking site that allows you to share photographs and videos with your friends and family. But Instagram is not for those who are concerned about their privacy.

Finally, there is no way of knowing who your Instagram stalkers are.

You should take precautions while putting anything on your Instagram or other social media accounts.


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