Review Of The Razer Seiren X Microphone

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Gamers are professional YouTube broadcasters or other YouTubers who frequently require adequate microphone equipment in their classes. It will feel empty and as though you can’t function without a specific desktop microphone for playing games and streaming. The Seiren X microphone from Razer, which is designed to reach an audience, is ideal for the content. Seiren X solves the fundamental problem for individuals who are still utilising headset microphones and are unhappy with the results.


With a lower price tag than Razer’s Seiren Elite dynamic desktop mic, the Seiren X is one of the best gaming microphones. Razer created the X model by removing a few more features while maintaining recording and broadcast quality on par with more expensive competitors. Razer green and basic black are also available. For the PS4 edition, there’s a blue and black colour scheme, as well as a pink quartz model. The Seiren X also has a number of decent microphone cosmetic options. It also fits well with the company’s range of broadcast equipment, which currently includes capture cards, lighting, and cameras for streamers.


Seiren X employs an electric condenser with a large diaphragm and high shock resistance. The Seiren X comes with a strong and substantial stand. Volume control, mute mode, and sound that is tuned directly to the microphone are all available. The wire is dropped through the supports, which is an unusual configuration for tidiness’ sake. This device has a good appearance that does not detract from the gamer’s appearance, and it continues to improve. You’ll appreciate the aesthetic simplicity, and if you’re concerned that the appearance might not be as you’d like, the pink alternative is guaranteed to catch your eye. The size is convenient for people who require desktop space and are unlikely to detract from your attractive appearance on camera.

The bigger capsule form of the Seiren X microphone has the advantage of better protecting the sensitive diaphragm. This gadget guards against higher powerful shocks. There’s also the question of diaphragm size, with some claiming that a larger diaphragm condenser produces a richer sound quality for recording vocals while reducing self-noise. Others, on the other hand, enjoy the small diaphragm condenser’s natural articulation and agility.

It’s not just a matter of decreasing the diaphragm on the Seiren X because it’s a whole different microphone than the dynamic Seiren Elite. As a result, undesired table noises such as taps and scratches are more likely to be picked up by the end user. A streamer on the go is the right app for the Seiren X. This microphone is the best solution for you if you require a streaming setup that you can tuck into your suitcase and use on the move.

Microphone Of High Quality

For you, Seiren X only gives the best. In most circumstances, your speech and background noise will be as quiet as ambient room noise and just as annoying. The sound of keyboard and mouse clicks, as well as sounds that you aren’t aware of, will be quiet. The only issue with gaming microphones is their limited application, which is often for no obvious reason. The USB interface is handy, but it prevents game mics from being connected to audio interfaces, limiting its usefulness for home recording.

Unlike Seiren X, it works well. It has a higher frequency of capturing minute information and creates a very high-quality breath. The bass end lacks a little authority, but it’s plenty to break through the mix, and the compressor adds a lot of punch and clarity to vocal recordings.

Specifications For The Razer Seiren X

SAMPLE RATE Min 44.1 kHz / Max 48 kHz
BITRATE 16 bit
MAX SPL 110 dB 
WEIGHT 383 g
DIMENSIONS Microphone Diameter: 50mm
Desk stand base Diameter: 90mm 
Height: 184mm
THD < 0.5% (at 1 kHz)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Adapter Do I Need For My Razer Seiren X?

To attach to its base, the Razer Seiren X employs a 5/8 thread mount. In order to mount this microphone, some arms may require a 3/8 to 5/8 adapter.

How Do I Use Razer Seiren X On PC?

Software Setup

This can be accomplished by typing ‘Sound Settings’ in the taskbar. By selecting the option that appears, you will be taken to the window shown in the preceding image. Select the Razer Seiren X as your selected input device by navigating down to the ‘Input’ tab.


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