Recording the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A11 mobile/cell phone in a video with sound can be very useful for performing a tutorial or showing an acquaintance how to perform certain tasks in a Samsung Galaxy A11, saving it in a video file, and then sending or uploading it to a platform like YouTube or social networks.

We sometimes want to record on video with the sound of a tale we saw on Instagram of a friend, a phone chat or video call with a family member to retain as a souvenir or to use as proof, or a TikTok video.

Until recently, there has been no natural solution built into Android (the Samsung Galaxy A11 ships with the operating system Android 10.0), thus you must use the Game Launcher programme from Samsung or third-party applications to film the screen.

Follow these instructions to produce this recording on your Samsung Galaxy A11:

1.The first step is:

First and foremost, we will ensure that the screen recording icon is there in the fast access panel of our Samsung Galaxy A11. (If we already have it, skip to point 5).

With the phone unlocked, we can access the fast panel, which includes rapid access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mute, aeroplane mode, and other options, by sliding our finger down from the top edge of the screen just a few millimetres. See if the screen-recording icon is present in the panel by sliding down with one finger again:

2.The second step is:

if we do not notice the screen recording symbol on our Samsung Galaxy A11’s quick panel, we must click on the quick panel’s edit icon, which is generally three points vertically.

3.The third step is:

A floating menu will open; click on “Button order” to alter the buttons that appear on your Samsung Galaxy A11’s quick panel.

4.The fourth step is : 

In order to add the screen recording icon to the Samsung Galaxy A11 quick panel, we look for the icon, click on it, and drag it down to the bottom of the panel without causing it to fall over.If you don’t see the screen recording icon on your Galaxy A11 smartphone, it’s possible that the manufacturer has disabled it or that it’s not available on the Samsung Galaxy A11, in which case we’ll go on to the section “If we don’t have the option to record screen natively.”

5.the fifth step is: 

In order to begin recording, we may either hit the volume up and power buttons on the Samsung Galaxy A11 at the same time, or we can open by swiping down from the screen’s upper portion tapping the screen recording symbol, which we saw in the previous steps.

6.The sixth step is: 

Choose between high-definition and standard-definition videos. By default, your Samsung Galaxy A11’s microphone audio is recorded (This is great for explaining the operation of an app to a friend or recording a message while recording video on the Samsung Galaxy A11’s screen) If you don’t want to hear any outside noises in your film, shoot it in a quiet location.

7.The seventh step is : 

During a three-second countdown, Samsung’s Galaxy A11 will begin to record whatever happens on the screen.

8.The eighth step is :

Samsung Galaxy A11 users can stop recording by pressing the volume up and power buttons together or clicking “Stop” on the upper left of the screen.

If the Samsung Galaxy A11 does not offer a screen recording option,

If the screen recording icon is not available and simultaneously pushing the volume up and power keys on the Samsung Galaxy A11 does not start the video recording, we will need to download an application from the application store.

Is there no Google Play or Galaxy Store on your Samsung Galaxy A11?

To do so, search for “screen recorder” on our Samsung Galaxy A11’s application store, such as the Play Store, Galaxy Store, or any other we use. Keep in mind that any free application that we download will contain advertising, and we should not download any application that requests excessive permissions, such as access to Bluetooth, contacts, or the camera. The permissions required for any screen recording programme are “Access to multimedia material and files,” “Record video and audio,” and “Show above.” If you want a floating window with settings for recording, microphone, stopping, and so on, you don’t need the “Show above” permission.

We can now return to the first step of this lesson.

Because of its internal 32 GB 2 GB RAM, 32 GB 3 GB RAM memory, your Galaxy A11 can store screen recordings in video format.

The video of the screen recording will be available in the photo album of your Samsung Galaxy A11.


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