Here’s how to factory reset your Eero system if you’re moving, selling, or just encountering issues with it.

You may factory reset your Eero system in one of two ways:

i) Through the euro app on your phone

ii) By pressing the reset button on the back of your Eero device


How to Reset Eero via the App

If you want to reset your Eero system, this is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

To get started, open the Eero app and click on the menu button appearing at the top-left corner.

  1. Select “Network Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on “Advanced Settings.” appearing at the very bottom.
  3. Select “Delete Your Network” at the bottom of the screen.

First, read the warnings carefully, then click “Delete Network” appearing at the bottom to reset everything.

  • When the pop-up displays, tap “Delete Network” once more.

You’ll then get directed to the setup screen, where you can begin the setup procedure all over again. If you’re planning to sell your Eero devices, you can leave the setup process.

How to Reset Your Computer Using the Reset Button?

When you press the reset button on the back of your Eero device, you can choose between two types of resets: mild and hard. You can reset Eero using the Eero app, but doing a hard reset will remove all of your network settings.

Mild reset will remove any network configurations from the Eero while preserving its sessions. This keeps your Eero linked to your network, as well as any logs and advanced settings (such as IP reservations and port forwarding configurations).

Eero’s LED light will flash yellow for around seven seconds after you insert an unfolded paperclip into a reset button hole and push and hold the reset button.

Performing a hard reset takes about 15 seconds, at which point the LED will turn red.

To ensure that the Eero system is thoroughly reset, keep all of your devices plugged in until the Eero LED lights on each unit begin to flicker blue.


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