“I forgot my iPhone XR password and again and again entered the wrong one. It is now disabled. I don’t have a computer, so how do I unlock?”

In general, we set a strong screen passcode on our iPhones to protect our files and settings from unauthorized access. However, as the COVID-19 prevails indefinitely, many iOS users find it difficult to recognize the face with a mask, and they cannot remember the lock screen passcode. Overall, how do you unlock an iPhone XR without a passcode?

Fortunately, you can find five effective solutions right here.

Part 1: Why Did Your iPhone XR’s Passcode Or Face ID Stop Working?

You may forget the passcode for your iPhone’s lock screen, or the facial recognition system may malfunction. Other issues may prevent you from unlocking your iPhone XR.

  • Your device is too damaged to correctly recognize Face ID or passcodes.
  • Your appearance may have changed. For example, you may have recently had cosmetic surgery or worn a new makeup look.
  • You bought a used iPhone XR with a working Face ID or passcode.

Now that you’ve identified the possible causes of your disabled iPhone XR, you may be wondering if you can circumvent the iPhone X/XR passcode. Absolutely. Here are five tried-and-true methods for your references.

Part 2: Using iPhone Unlock, Unlock An iPhone XR Without A Password (Recommended)

You know what?  The iPhone XR/X can be unlocked in seconds using a passcode. Can the iPhone X be unlocked without a passcode if you can’t remember your passcode and your Face ID isn’t recognized? It’s certainly possible. Without a password, you can remove all types of screen locks, Apple ID, iCloud activation lock, and MDM with iPhone Unlock.

The following Are The highlights Of iPhone Unlock:
  • Unlock different iPhone XR/X screen locks, such as a 4-digit or 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and Screen Time passcode.
  • Quickly bypass iCloud activation lock, Apple ID, and MDM.
  • Simple and quick to use; no technical knowledge required.
  • Compatible with iPhone XR/X/XS models running iOS 9 to iOS 15.3.

How Do You Unlock An iPhone Without Using A Passcode Or iTunes?

Note: Please keep in mind that the unlocking process will result in data loss on your iPhone. As a result, we strongly advise you to back up your locked/disabled iPhone before proceeding.

  1. After installing iPhone Unlock, launch it on your computer and select Screen Unlock from the interface. To proceed, connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and select the Unlock iOS Screen option.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter Recovery or DFU mode on your iPhone. We recommend that you boot your iPhone into Recovery mode to remove the iOS lock screen by default. If you are unable to activate the Recovery mode, click the link below to boot it into DFU mode.
  3. The program will display information about your iPhone on the interface. If the information is incorrect, select the correct option from the drop-down menu.

Then, tap the Download button to begin downloading the firmware for your device. After that, click the Unlock Now button to immediately bypass the screen lock on your iPhone.

Part 3: How To Enter iPhone XR Without A Passcode With iTunes

Assume you trusted your computer on the iPhone XR before it was locked. In that situation, restoring your iPhone using iTunes will automatically erase the iPhone lock screen. However, keep in mind that you will lose all of your device’s data and settings, including photos, videos, messages, and so on.

Follow the instructions mentioned below if you still wish to utilize it this way.

How To Crack The iPhone XR Passcode Using iTunes

1. Go Into Recovery Mode On Your iPhone XR/X/XS
  • If your iPhone is connected to the computer, connect.
  • Until the power-off slider displays, press and hold the Side + Volume Down buttons together.
  • To turn off your iPhone, slide it from left to right.
  • Hold down the Side button when connecting your iPhone XR/X to the computer.
  • Hold down the Side button until the Recovery-mode screen appears, then let go.

Note: If you see the passcode screen, turn off your iPhone and repeat the steps.

2. Use iTunes To Unlock Your iPhone XR
  • Launch the most recent version of iTunes or Finder on your computer and, when it appears, tap the iPhone icon in the top-left corner.
  • It will ask you whether you want to restore or update your iPhone. Select the Restore option.
  • When it is finished, disconnect your iPhone from the computer. Then you can use your iPhone XR without a passcode.

Part 4: How To Bypass The iPhone X Passcode Using iCloud

Find My iPhone is a simple feature that locates the last location of your stolen or lost iPhone. Furthermore, it allows you to erase your iPhone and remove the screen passcode. This feature is enabled by default in your iCloud account. If you’ve never disabled it before, chances are you can unlock your iPhone online through iCloud.

If you don’t mind losing iPhone data, follow these steps.

If You Forget Your Password, How Do You Unlock An iPhone XR?

  1. Open iCloud.com in a web browser on your computer and sign in with the same Apple ID you used to unlock your locked iPhone XR.
  2. Go to the Find iPhone tab and select your iPhone XR from the All Devices list.
  3. Select the Erase iPhone option and confirm the operation. That’s it!

Part 5: Tapping Erase iPhone To Open An iPhone XR Without A Passcode (iOS 15.2 Only)

Assume you’ve updated your iPhone XR to iOS 15.2 or later and that your locked iPhone XR is online. You can unlock your iPhone XR by selecting Erase iPhone from the lock screen’s bottom-right corner. It is a shortcut feature in iOS 15.2, and many users have demonstrated that it works.

How Do You Unlock An iPhone Without Using A Passcode, Face ID, Or A Computer?

  1. Enter the wrong password repeatedly until you see the Erase iPhone option in the lower-right corner.
  2. On the box that prompts you to sign out of your Apple ID, enter your Apple ID password and then select Erase iPhone. The iPhone and lock screen associated with your account will be removed.
  3. You can now create a new Face ID or password for your iPhone.

Part 6: Using Siri To Unlock iPhone XR Without A Passcode (iOS 10.3 Only)

If your iPhone XR/X is running iOS 10.3.2 or 10.3.3, you can unlock it by fooling Siri. However, this method does not guarantee a high success rate.

Without A Computer, How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone Passcode

  1. To activate Siri, press and hold your device’s Home button. “What is the current time?” Consult Siri with your questions.
  2. Tap the + icon on the World Clock screen, then enter any characters in the search box.
  3. Click the Select All button, then the Share button.
  4. Select the Message app and enter any text in the To field of the new message window. Then, on the keyboard, press the Return key.
  5. Click the + icon > New Contact > Add Photos > Choose your photos carefully. It will then open the album to allow you to take a photo.
  6. Wait a few minutes without selecting any photos. Then, to exit the screen, press the Home button. If you are successful, you will be able to access your iPhone without entering a passcode.


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